Ninja Air Fryer Max XL AF161 Review

The Ninja Max XL air fryer is the heiress of a very well known brand in the kitchen appliances section. If you are looking to buy your first air fryer and not sure which one to choose, the Ninja Max XL is a sure bet. You can’t miss when you choose Ninja. In this post you’ll see why.

Ninja Max XL Air Fryer AF161

Ninja Max XL Air Fryer

75% Less Oil

5.5 Qt Large capacity

7 Cooking Functions

Dishwasher safe


The Ninja Max XL air fryer is the perfect choice to enjoy guilt-free fried food with up to 75% less fat than traditional deep frying methods.

Its Max Crisp technology delivers 450 degrees of superheated air to cook foods up to 30% faster than other Ninja air fryers, for hotter and crispier results.

It has a capacity of 5.5 Qt and a coated and non-stick basket. The crispier plate can fit 3 pounds of french fries or chicken wings.

It also comes with a broil rack to give meals or sides a crispy and bubbly finish.

This is a 7 function kitchen appliance with the capacity to max crisp, air fry, air roast, air broil, bake, reheat, and dehydrate.

Technical Specifications

  • 5.5 Qt capacity
  • Rapid 360° air circulation
  • 11 pounds air fryer weight
  • Up to 75% less oil required
  • Round frying basket
  • 7 cooking preset functions
  • Non stick baskets easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • 105°F – 450°F temperature range

Enjoy guilt free fried food with up to 75% less fat

Especially as you grow, health is a topic that everyday becomes more relevant. People are always in the search of new and more effective ways to improve their health and have a better quality of life.

With all the information available in the media, we know that the quality of food we consume plays a huge role in our health, and this is why finding delicious and healthy options of food is such a popular topic.

This is where the Ninja Max XL air fryer can really help you, because fried food is among the most delicious food, yet the deep frying method is not the most convenient way of cooking for your health.

But air frying with a Ninja Max XL is different story, because you can get fried food with up to 75% fat.

Air fryers cook your food using rapid-circulating hot air. The hot air does the same job that the hot oil would do to cook your food, but since air has no fat, your food ends up having significantly less added fat when it is served.

In the case of the Ninja XL air fryer, your food has up to 75% less fat when compared to traditional deep frying methods.

The Ninja Max XL air fryer and its Max Crisp technology

If there is one thing that sets the Max XL apart from other air fryers are the 450 degrees of temperature it delivers to cook foods not only 30% faster than other Ninja air fryers, but also, to give them that crispy texture we all love in fried food.

The advantages of having an air fryer that prepares delicious food in less time are many, especially when you have a tight schedule and every minute counts.

The Max Crisp technology of the Ninja Max XL can perfectly cook 2 pounds of frozen wings in 25 minutes with impressive results. And yes, frozen means right out from the freezer. This is only possible thanks to the Max Crisp technology of this air fryer.

The superheated air at 450 degrees of temperature does exactly that.

The Ninja XL air fryer has a 5.5 quart capacity

Air fryers would be worthless if they only were able to cook small chunks of food in little time. You’d still have to cook the same dish several times and that would not be efficient.

The Max XL is a Ninja 5.5 qt air fryer with enough capacity to cook 3 pounds of french fries or chicken wings in one go. This is enough food for 2 or 3 servings of a good size in little time and with that crispy and delicious flavor.

The ninja 5.5qt air fryer Max XL also comes with a broil rack that is perfect for cooking food using different layers. This comes handy when you want to broil food like shrimp or steak.

The 5.5 quart capacity is an advantage over other Ninja 4-quart air fryers like the AF101, which allows you to prepare more food in less time.

7 cooking functions to make your life easier

These days air fryers typically come with more than one trick under the hood. This Ninja air fryer is no exception to that rule.

Once you put food inside your Ninja air fryer there are 7 different things you can do with it.

  1. You can dehydrate it to prepare delicious and healthy homemade snacks.
  2. Reheat that slice of pizza to get that out-of-the-oven taste (something I really recommend).
  3. Bake to prepare delicious desserts in no time.
  4. Air broil shrimp or meat to get that perfect golden brown and crispy texture.
  5. Air roast beef for that special dinner.
  6. Air fry chicken wings or mozzarella sticks.
  7. Max Crisp anything you want and get that crispy and tasty flavor we all love.

When you decide to get this Ninja air fryer, you are not just buying another kitchen appliance, instead, you are adding a multi-function cooking tool to your kitchen arsenal.

Air fryer recipes to start having fun in your kitchen

There are ton of places where you can get great recipes for your Ninja air fryer. One place would be the recipes website. Here you’ll find more than 100 recipes you can prepare using your air fryer.

Here are some of the air fryer recipes on the Ninja website.

Convenient removable frying basket design

The Ninja AF161 air fryer has a convenient front removable frying basket to help you do the servings comfortably on a table, or to ensure all your food fits perfectly inside the basket before starting the cooking process.

The basket has a handle that is very helpful to manipulate the basket and avoid burning your skin. This handle is very comfortable and fits perfectly on your hand.

The Ninja ceramic air fryer crisp plate is very helpful to get the Max Crisp texture on your food, and it is also nonstick, so it is pretty easy to clean and dishwasher safe as well.

The Ninja Brand

Ninja is one of several house-care brands developed by SharkNinja Operating LCC, a pioneer in small household appliances and cleaning solutions that fit the lifestyles of busy people all over the world.

The Shark Ninja air fryers presented on this site are among the top rated ones not only at the Ninja store, but on Amazon as well.

SharkNinja has rapidly become one of the leading companies in the sector of the housewares industry, impacting positively people’s lives every day in every home around the world.

Ninja started in Montreal, Canada and has since settled in Needham, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston.

In case you are wondering where are Ninja air fryers made, the manufacturing operations are located in China, and their products come from that Country.

Ninja air fryer Max XL reviews and best offer

Amazon is a great place to find comments and reviews for the Ninja Max XL air fryer from real customers. There are other places as well online, but Amazon is a good reference because people tend to be very open about their experiences with the products they buy.

The Ninja Max XL air fryer has more than 10,000 reviews and comments from current users, and counting. The overall rating for this air fryer is of 4+ stars, meaning it has a great customer satisfaction among current users.

The Ninja air fryer max reviews are very useful and the comments people share really say this product makes a huge and positive difference when speaking about cooking delicious and healthy food in less time.

There are very little low score reviews for the Ninja air fryer XL, and some of these reviewers say they got a replacement from Ninja very fast once they reported a faulty unit.

You can click the link below and scan the Ninja Max XL air fryer reviews on your own to have your own mind about this product.

Ninja Max XL Air Fryer

Ninja Max XL Air Fryer
  • 75% Less oil
  • 5.5 qt Large capacity
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 7 cooking functions

Advantages of the Ninja air fryer XL versus other air fryers

5.5 Quart large capacity: The 5.5 quart capacity makes it very useful for cooking and serving more than enough food for 2 to 3 people in one go. The accessories like the broil rack help as well to fit more food and get the best results in less time.

Max Crisp Technology: This air fryer can perfectly cook chicken wings right from the freezer thanks to its Max Crisp Technology. This means that super heated air at 450 degrees helps you cook your food and without the added fat from the boiling oil.

Cooks 30% faster than the Ninja AF100: Thanks to the upgrades in technology, the AF161 cooks your food in less time (30% less time) than the AF100 model. This means that you save 18 minutes of time for every hour spent cooking. 18 minutes can be a lot of time for people with busy schedules.

Coated and non stick ceramic materials: The ceramic crisp plate as well as the frying basket and the broil rack are all non stick and perfectly safe materials for your cooking needs. This is fantastic because food does not lose any flavor and neither absorbs flavors from the air fryer parts.

Easy to clean and dishwasher safe: Since we have coated materials, this air fryer is a breeze to clean and it is dishwasher safe as well.

7 cooking functions: This air fryer is a very complete tool with multi-cooking functions and presets that allow you to air fry, dehydrate, bake, reheat, air broil, Max Crisp, and air roast. So whatever you have in mind to cook today, the AF161 Ninja air fryer can help you get it done faster and healthier.

Efficient hot air ventilation: The superheated air used to cook food is efficiently discharged through strategic zones on the air fryer. This is important because it helps to make this Ninja air fryer safe when touching it.

Quiet air fryer: Once the AF161 starts to cook your food you’ll barely notice it is operating thanks to the efficient insulation the nose has inside the air fryer. This is fantastic as there are some very noisy air fryers on the market.

Other Ninja kitchen air fryers besides the AF161

The Ninja air fryer Max XL AF161 is not the only model available from Ninja, yet it is among the most popular ones. In case you want to know about other models and features, here is a list with other Ninja air fryers.

You can compare the AF161 Ninja air fryer with others and decide which one you like the most.

To do an effective Ninja air fryers comparison check for capacity sizes, cooking functions, technology used to cook your food and how easy to clean the air fryer is.

All of these Ninja air fryers are on sale at Amazon and if you are interested in any of them just click the button to navigate to the Amazon page.

Ninja 4-Quart Air Fryer, AF100

  • 4 – Quart Capacity
  • 400 Fahrenheit degrees
  • Less oil
  • Easy to clean

Ninja AF101 Air Fryer, 4 Qt.

  • 4 Qt capacity
  • Less oil
  • Easy to clean
  • 4 cooking functions

Ninja AF150AMZ Air Fryer XL, 5.5 Qt.

Ninja AF150AMZ air fryer XL review
  • 5.5 Qt capacity
  • Less oil
  • 5 cooking functions
  • Easy to clean

How to use your Ninja Max XL AF161 air fryer?

Here is a video showing the functionality of this Ninja air fryer as well as some temperature testing. This is pretty informative and useful Ninja air fryer max review and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

This is what you need to know before buying the Ninja AF161 air fryer Max XL

The air fryer Ninja XL is one of the most versatile air fryers on the market right now, and an all time favorite for lots of people according to its reviews and comments online.

Ninja is a very well established and respected brand and in case you have any problem with their units, they’ll replace yours right away with very little hassle.

In case you are wondering how to get this unit, this Ninja air fryer model is on sale at Amazon and I think that is the best place to get it since you’ll have superb customer support at all times.

Amazon is constantly offering great deals and discounts to get all the products you love and the Ninja Max XL air fryer will be available at a great deal on black friday, so you may want to check this out to ensure you get yours on time.

Final thoughts: Overall the Ninja Max air fryer is an amazing ally in the kitchen

If you are still asking yourself where to buy ninja air fryer max xl, there is only one place I can recommend: Amazon.

They offer superb customer support and can put you in contact with a Ninja representative really fast in case you need more specialized attention.

This air fryer is well backed by the reviews and comments people are making online about it and it is the heiress of the entire legacy of a great brand. Only at Amazon it has more than 10,000 reviews with very positive comments.

The large capacity combined with the Max Crisp technology allows you to have more tasty and full of flavor food ready in less time. And the 7 cooking functions will let you prepare almost anything you can imagine inside this amazing machine.

The Ninja Max XL air fryer is a sure bet in case you are looking to reduce the added fat in your meals, since it will fry your food with up to 75% less fat than traditional deep frying methods.

Since this air fryer has ceramic and coated materials you are sure to have a breeze cleaning it and it is dishwasher safe as well.

Ninja Max XL Air Fryer

Ninja Max XL Air Fryer
  • 75% Less oil
  • 5.5 qt Large capacity
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 7 cooking functions
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