Cosori Air Fryer Max XL Review

The Cosori air fryer Max XL 5.8 quart is the most popular one on Amazon. If you are looking to get one of these but are not sure which one is best, look no further, because this air fryer is perfect for most people. And in this post we’ll go in detail about it to understand why people love it so much.

COSORI Air Fryer Max XL

Best Air Fryer of 2022

Award – Winning Air fryer

Less Oil

Large capacity

13 Cooking Functions

Safe Materials


The COSORI Premium air fryer won the Red Dot award in 2019. It features 13 one-touch cooking functions and rapid 360° air circulation to provide crispy results using up to 85% less oil than traditional deep frying methods while maintaining the same delicious taste, making it the perfect gift for family members and friends.

The air fryer’s spacious 5.8-quart square baskets can fit a whole 5-pound chicken. Additionally, the corner spaces provide more cooking footprint and flexibility than round designs. Cook the perfect amount of food for 3–5 people in one go.

The air fryer produces crispy results in less time than a conventional oven and includes a shake reminder function. Preheat the air fryer before adding your ingredients for improved texture.

Technical Specifications

  • 5.8 Qt capacity
  • Rapid 360° air circulation
  • 11.9 pounds in weight
  • Up to 85% less oil required
  • Square frying basket
  • 13 cooking preset functions
  • Non stick baskets easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • PFOA and BPA free
  • 120V/1700W power rating
  • 170°F – 400°F temperature range

Won the Red Dot Award in 2019

The Cosori air fryer Max XL was critically acclaimed in 2019 with the Red Dot award. This award stands for belonging to the best in design and business. It is an international design competition aimed to those who would like to distinguish their business activities through design.

This distinction is based on the principle of selection and presentation. Excellent design is selected by competent expert juries in the areas of product design, communication design and design concepts.

The jury of the 2019 contest said that the Cosori Air Fryer Max XL facilitates the preparation of healthy food and delights with a tidy user interface, which is easy to understand thanks to the use of pictograms.

The rectangular form of the air fryer also caught the eyes of most people, as well as the brushed matte black housing, which also frames the user interface.

The removable drawer from the front and the generously sized LED touch-panel that displays time and temperature with simple to read icons to control the basic functions.

All of this is part of a winning the design and that is the beginning for a winning and popular product like this one.

Cook healthier food with up to 85% less oil

Less oil and fat in food is the number one reason why people are switching to air fryers from deep frying methods. This means healthier food with the same crispy and tender flavor you love.

The Cosori Max XL air fryer will fry your food with up to 85% less oil and fat and still give that browning coloring effect that fried food has.

You have to know this air fryer cooks food without the need to add oil to it. The 85% number is the fat that is not added to food because it is not deep fried.

Thus, your food will not absorb any of that oil because it won’t be submerged into it. Instead, the hot air of the air fryer will do the cooking.

In the end you truly have tasty and delicious fried food without any added fat, and the testing shows that fat is up to 85% less in the final cooked product.

Large Capacity with 5.8 Qt full of flavor

When talking about capacity, the Cosori Max XL is a winner. And this is not only because it has a 5.8 quart basket, but also because this basket is square-shaped. This is a huge thing compared to other air friyers.

The square shape of the basket is more convenient that a circular shape one, even if the capacity is the same or bigger.

The reason for this is that food has a more convenient space to fit in. For instance, if you cook hamburgers, the meat is circular shape. If the meat happens to occupy all the space of the basket, is difficult to manipulate it without touching the basket and potentially burning yourself.

With a square basket is easier to manipulate food because the corners usually provide enough space to use a spatula.

Also, the 5.8 quart are enough to fit a whole 5-pound chicken, or enough food to serve to 3 to 5 people in one go.

The square basket as well is removable so you don’t have to manipulate food right there inside the air fryer. You can take it to a table and comfortably work the servings from there.

13 cooking functions to simplify your cooking

People love simplicity when it comes to home appliances, and the ones at the kitchen make no exception to this rule.

Whatever you may be thinking to cook with an air fryer, the Cosori Max XL can help you with it, and chances are there is a preset function for it.

Just follow the easy-to-understand pictograms on each button and you’ll be good to go.

Among the most populars are: French fries, bacon, frozen foods, vegetables, and chicken. But these are just 5 out of the 11 different foods you can cook with the touch of a button.

Besides this, you still have the preheat button and the keep warm food one, for a total of 13 cooking functions that activate with the touch of a button.

All you have to do is put your food inside the frying basket, select the type of food you want to cook and hit play.

The preset will display both a temperature and a time period. Those are the parameters the air fryer will use to cook your food. But in case you want to change those to get a different term you can easily change those and use the temperature and time you want.

If you are an experienced cooker or have pretty good ideas on how you like to cook your food, the preset functions will be starting points for you, but the Cosori Max XL won’t limit you in your creativity and seasoning.

Safety is a priority for Cosori

Safety is a huge thing when speaking about kitchen appliances, especially because kids can have access to these.

When speaking about safety the Cosori air fryer Max XL goes above and beyond.

The first thing worth mentioning is that it’s removable and non-stick basket are made with safe materials, PFOA (C8) and BPA free. Which ensures that no harmful materials get in contact with your food in any moment.

Another important safety feature is the auto shutoff feature when you remove the frying baskets. This is important for two reasons.

  1. Prevent brunings since the inside of the air fryer is hot because of the heating element. This heat element will shut off and get started again only when pushing the baskets inside again.
  2. The cooking process stops and continues right where it was when you open the baskets. This is important because if the cooking process is supposed to last 20 minutes, the timer will stop when pulling the baskets and start only after they are pushed inside again.

Continuing with the safety included inside this air fryer, you have to remember that essentially we are talking about a cooking appliance, and as such, it uses heat.

One of the things people really praise about the Max XL air fryer is that when you touch it while it is operating, the heat on the surface of the air fryer is barely felt, which is not the case for other air fryers, and certainly not for convection ovens, as these get very hot and touching them while cooking is not a good idea.

Again, this is especially important because the kitchen is a room to where kids, pets, and pretty much everyone in the family have access to, so knowing they won’t get burned by the air fryer is something everybody appreciates.

Last thing is the noise the air fryer does when cooking. Since all air fryers have a fan inside, they all are a bit noisy. This is not a bad thing since the noise let’s you know the air fryer is operational, yet you don’t want something that is too noisy that you can’t stay around.

The Cosori air fryer Max XL has a very decent level of noise and won’t be an issue when cooking. Other air fryers make more noise than this one and that is something you always want to avoid.

100 Included Cosori air fryer recipes

100 recipes come included with your air fryer to give you inspiration to start cooking delicious and flavorful food that will amaze more than one.

This is not all, but the Cosori website is always featuring some of these amazing recipes and providing videos and all the guidance you need to prepare these dishes in no time and with very little effort.

Also, there is a growing community on the Cosori social channels where users continue to share more and more recipes that you can try.

The Cosori Max XL has a convenient design

This air fryer is the proud winner of the Red Dot award, which is an international competition that focuses mainly on design. So you have to know this air fryer is not only functional but also elegant and beautiful in the outside.

To begin with, we have the black matte finishing to the material on the surface. It really makes it shine and look great. I really like black color but the white and red ones also look amazing.

The LCD display let you know with big and bright numbers both the temperature and the time food needs for cooking, and there is no guesswork with it since the information displayed is very simple and intuitive to understand.

Surrounding the display we have the buttons to operate the machine. These buttons are easy to press and have a pictogram on them to indicate what they serve for. This simplifies the process for the user at many levels, and that again is why so many people love it.

The frying baskets can be removed from the front and placed on a table where you can easily serve the food. Also, remember these frying baskets are squared shape and give you more room to use a spatula and fit more food in a more comfortable way.

The frying baskets have a handle to easily pull them out of the airfryer. Also, there is a lock which allows you to remove an inner basket where the food is stored. The outer basket is where all the fat is collected and it is non-stick as well, so cleaning it is very simple.

Continuing with the inner basket, it has some vents on the sides which contribute to a better air flow when cooking, and this is one of the features that make the Cosori air fryer Max XL much more efficient that other air fryers.

And to finalize with the good things about the design of this air fryer we have the overall insulation of the unit. Like stated before, you can barely feel the heat on the surface of the air fryer if you touch it when it is operational.

All of these things make a winning design worthy of a Red Dot award.

Intertek’s ETL Fully Certified

The Max XL air fryer from Cosori has the approval of the ETL and comes marked with it. The ETL is the Intertek’s certification program to get products tested and certified to ensure quality products are released in to the market.

The ETL mark is proof of product compliance to North American safety standards. Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) and code officials across the US and Canada accept the ETL Listed Mark as proof of product compliance to published industry standards.

Today the ETL Mark is the fastest growing safety certification in North America and is featured on millions of products sold by major retailers and distributors everyday.

California Roots – The Cosori Brand

Cosori is a market player for small home appliances within the United States market. Users can truly feel at home with smart devices.

They are committed to providing smart home solutions that consistently meet the evolving needs of the modern user. Their one-stop store offers high quality products at budget-friendly prices, making smart homes accessible for every household.

Cosori XL air fryer reviews and best offer

You can get this fantastic and award-winning air fryer on Amazon. You can read the comments from people and you’ll see that the Cosori air fryer max XL reviews from current owners are positive and users really love it.

The Cosori XL air fryer features vents on the sides of the cooking basket and other air fryers don’t have these. Many experts of the kitchen agree this is the secret to its success and the reason why food gets cooked better than with other air fryers.

COSORI Air Fryer Max XL

cosori aie fryer max xl - best airfryer of 2021
  • Award-winning
  • Less oil
  • Large capacity
  • Safe materials
  • 13 cooking functions

Advantages versus other air fryers

Elegant material finishing: The brush matte black (red or white available as well) housing incorporates high quality metal elements, which also frames the user interface. The brushed finishing of the material makes this appliance a state of the art item and it really catches people’s eye because of its elegance and simplicity.

Large capacity and smart air frying baskets design: Its 5.8 quart of capacity allow you to cook a whole 5 pounds chicken in one go. This is not all, but the air frying baskets have a square shape design, making it more versatile to move food with spatulas and other kitchen utensils. This is an advantage over circular shaped baskets because the space is reduced, even when the capacity is the same or higher.

User friendly LCD display: All you need to know about the cooking process are the temperature and the time at which the food will be cooked, that’s it. The Cosory Max XL air fryer LCD display shows those two data points with big and bright numbers to let you know exactly what is going on from the distance. Other information is displayed as well for your reference, but the most important data points are there visible and clear for you to read.

Simple and intuitive presets buttons: The buttons with the 13 preset cooking functions are easy to press and intuitive to use since they have friendly pictograms on them to help the user know what each one does.

Frying Baskets Handle: Some air fryers don’t come with a handle to manipulate the air frying basket. But that is not the case with the Cosori Max XL one. This handle makes it super easy to pull out the baskets from the air fryer and take it wherever you need it to be. Also the handle stays with the inner frying basket once it is removed from the one that collects the fat. The handle as well helps with the cleaning process and avoids any burning injuries.

Insulation: Although some of the surface materials of the Cosori Max XL are metallic, the insulation is so good that you can barely feel the heat of the air fryer when touching it. This is a safety feature that can’t be overlooked.

Auto shut off: One of the things people find very useful and smart about the Max XL air fryer is its auto shut off functionality. When you pull out the frying basket and the air fryer is operational, the cooking cycle will stop completely. This is desirable, because you don’t want to have the air fryer heating when you open it and make the cooking process inefficient, not to mention dangerous.

Other Cosori air fryer models besides the CP158

The Cosori air fryer CP158 (Max XL) is the most popular air fryer model in Amazon. Yet there are more models from the Cosori brand that may be worth taking a look at and considering for purchase.

All of these are available at the Cosori online store and you can compare them and see what suits you best.

Pro LE Air Fryer CAF-L501

Cosori CAF-L501-KUS Pro LE1
  • 9 Cooking functions
  • Less oil
  • Large capacity
  • Safe materials

Smart Air Fryer CS158

COSORI Smart WiFi Air Fryer
  • Award-winning
  • Less oil
  • Large capacity
  • Safe materials
  • 13 cooking functions
  • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant

Premium Air Fryer CP358

COSORI Premium Air Fryer
  • Less oil
  • Large capacity
  • Safe materials
  • 12 cooking functions

Stainless Steel Air Fryer CP258

COSORI Air Fryer Large Digital Stainless Steel
  • Less oil
  • Large capacity
  • Safe materials
  • 11 cooking functions

Dial Air Fryer CO158

COSORI Air Fryer Knob-Black
  • Knob control
  • Less oil
  • Large capacity
  • Safe materials
  • 8 cooking functions

WIFI Air Fryer Oven AF701

COSORI Smart Air Fryer 14-in-1 Large Air Fryer Oven XL 7QT
  • Less oil
  • Large capacity
  • Safe materials
  • 14 cooking functions
  • Works with Alexa

How to use your air fryer from Cosori?

Here is a very informative review of the Cosori Max XL air fryer that also touches on how to use it and get the most out of it.

This is what you need to know before buying Cosori air fryer Max XL 5.8 qt

There are many good reasons to consider Max XL the best air fryer of 2022. The ratings on Amazon don’t lie and people love how good this kitchen appliance works.

It all starts from the design. This air fryer was given the distinction of the Red Dot award in 2019, and that is a big thing to say because this award is focused on the design of appliances and how it flows through the entire machine and its functionality.

If we speak about safety, this air fryer is top of the list thanks to all the features that make it safe to operate for beginner and seasoned cookers.

The fact you get an air fryer does not guarantee you’ll cook the most amazing dishes, but Cosori is committed to help you get the most out of your Max XL and that is why they give you away 100 recipes included with your air fryer. If you lack inspiration to cook delicious food, this is a great starting point.

This is a great opportunity to start serving not only delicious and crispy food on your table, but also to lean toward healthier options that will support your personal goals.

Final thoughts for the Cosori Max XL: Overall an Amazing Air Fryer

It is not only the fact you have a large capacity air fryer with an intelligent design to help you cook your favorite food faster and in a healthier way.

It’s not only that you have 13 preset functions available to start cooking delicious food even if you have no previous experience in the kitchen.

Neither is the fact that you get 100 recipes for free with the purchase of your Cosori Max XL air fryer to provide you with the inspiration needed to start using this amazing kitchen appliance.

It’s not only the built in safety features along with the superb insulation the air fryer has.

It’s not only another air fryer with a removable frying basket to help you serve in a more comfortable and secure way.

These things I just mentioned aren’t the reason why overall this is a great air fryer and the one people like the most on Amazon.

Other air fryers have these features as well.


None of them have them all.

The great thing about this air fryer is that all the features and functionalities I just mentioned are merged together in an award-winning kitchen appliance that make one of the best purchases you can make in your life.

The Cosori Air Fryer Max XL is the owner of everything that is right and everything that an air fryer should have. If that was not enough, the brushed black matte metal on its surface gives that final touch that completes the cycle of attraction between people and the air fryer.

Ironically enough, this final touch is the first thing people see. Once this happens the rest is just one good thing after another.

This air fryer won’t only make your cooking easier, it will make your kitchen look better as well.

COSORI Air Fryer Max XL

cosori aie fryer max xl - best airfryer of 2021
  • Award-winning
  • Less oil
  • Large capacity
  • Safe materials
  • 13 cooking functions
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