The Cosori Air Fryers

Cosori Air fryers are among the top selling on Amazon because they are affordable and cook delicious and healthy food. In 2019, their best selling Cosory Air Fryer Max XL won the prestigious Red Dot Award for its design. More than 55,000 people around the Globe already gave it a 5 star-rating because it truly delivers.

What is the best Cosori Air Fryer?

Every year Cosori improves the design of their air fryers and come up with new and innovative ideas to better serve the public looking for an affordable and efficient way to cook delicious and healthy food.

The Cosori Max XL air fryer is still people’s favorite, yet Cosori has launched other models that little by little are gaining more real estate in the field of air fryers.

Cosori started in 2012 under the name of Etekcity and they sell much more than just air fryers. In fact, they are a competitor in the small kitchen appliances US and global market and as of March of 2021, more than 2 million devices were connected to their proprietary app.

Cosori Air fryers on sale

The Cosori air fryer cookbook

If you are looking for some inspiration about how to use your air fryer from Cosori, these cook books are what you need.

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They are filled with healthy recipes for you to start cooking amazing dishes with convenience and little or no oil.

Easy Cosori Air Fryer Recipes you can enjoy at home

Cosori website has a section where they share some recipes you can follow along and start surprising your family and friends with your air fried meals.

Advantages of a Cosori Air Fryer

Unbeatable price: Most Cosori air fryers are under the $150 US dollars price tag. This is a complete bargain for such high performing air fryers when most air fryers are found around the 200 and 300 US dollars mark.

Design: Cosori air fryers aren’t just aesthetically designed, but their functional as well. They have a silent operation and the internet has proved that food cooks much better than with other air fryers. The fact the Cosori Max XL air fryer won the prestigious Red Dot Award in 2019 for its design is also proof of this.

Healthy and delicious fried food: With Cosori air fryers there is no need to add oils to you food for cooking. This is thanks to its non-stick surfaces that allow food to be cooked without hassles.

Large capacity: The air fryers Cosori makes are thought for cooking as much food as possible in the least amount of time. This is why Cosori is your new best friend when thinking about efficiency in your kitchen.

Multi function: These air fryers do much more than just air frying food. They have embedded functions to cook specific food like vegetables, sea food, meat, frozen foods, deserts, and much more. You can also customize each of these cycles to cook your food the way you like it the most.

Cosori Air Fryer Reviews

It is already clear that people love Cosori air fryers because they are affordable and efficient, and the food they cook is tasty and healthy, as it does not have added oils and fat.

Just for the Cosori air fryer Max XL model, more than 55,000 people around the globe have given it a 5 star-rating, and the numbers keep increasing every day.

This same model won the Red Dot Award in 2019 thanks to its design, which allows it to cook delicious food for up to 4 people in just one go.

But the truth is Cosori continues to evolve and improve its designs every year, and you can find more models with improved functionalities like WiFi connection, larger capacity, and more accessories included inside the package.

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