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FAQs about Black Friday Deals for Ninja Air Fryers

Will the Ninja Foodi be on sale Black Friday

Yes. All your favorite air fryer models from Ninja will be available during the Black Friday Sale. Yet hurry because the units may be limited.

Are Ninja air fryers worth the Black Friday discounts?

Yes. Ninja air fryers are both versatile and efficient, and people look for them a lot. At the same time, some of these air cookers are a bit expensive, so if you can grab any of them on a deal, go for it.

Will the Ninja air fryers sold during Black Friday have a warranty?

Sure. All new air fryers from Ninja will have the same warranty they have all year long.

When will the Ninja Black Friday end?

The Black Friday sale starts on Nov 25, 2022 and the deals will end that weekend.

Can Ninja shipments be delayed during the Black Friday Sale?

Retail stores prepare for this season so shipments be on time, yet you could experience delays of up to 7 days given the high volume of packages moving across the Country.

Is there any changes in the Ninja return policy during Black Friday Sale?

Historically, Amazon keeps their return policy the same during Black Friday and any other season. It is worth though checking this in case they change it, which they can do at any point in time.

Will there be any Ninja air fryer Max XL black friday deals?

Yes. The Ninja air fryer Max XL will have a discount as well as many other models from this brand.